6 Replies on “2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE: DAY 15 (Prompt)

  1. I love the listing and the contrasts…Life is funny that way….sometimes growth regresses then progresses but it’s always changing…that we can count on. 🙂

    1. “Always hopeful yet discontent
      he knows changes aren’t permanent
      but change is.” ~ Rush, “Tom Sawyer”

      Thank you so much! It just kinda fell out that way. This is the point in PAD where I usually start to get frustrated with the prompts, lol. I wasn’t sure anything would come out at all…so I’m happy.

      Not too sure about the elegy, though. My mother was killed last year and I already have a book’s worth of those…I was trying to return to writing about other things. Lol. Fate? 😉

      1. I hear you on the frustration…they’ve been a bit more difficult for me this week…

        I’m so sorry about your mother…that’s so difficult and I can see why you’d want to/need to let yourself be released from that apace of grief for a while or for your good.

        I couldn’t address this one seriously for some reason, (today),…I’m getting ready to post…Elegy to Dying Fire and Elegy for the Always Missing Forever Aggravating…

        I wish for you happy writing today. 🙂

        1. Thank you! I’ve had a good poeming day. 🙂 It seemed a bit easier, so I’m hopeful. Glad you had a good time writing, too!

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