Routine Compulsion

Routine daydream. by vampire-zombie
Routine daydream. by vampire-zombie

Routine Compulsion

Younger me
ran and rebelled
against the thought
of anything routine
Though my very existence
depended upon it
I hated the trap
of mundane
repetitive tasks
Fighting for freedom
in my mind
flying and crashing
into the dark abyss
of failure
countless times
before I finally gave in
made an effort
to understand
and do
timely things
in a timely way
without getting bored
I found
in my dissension
my true growth
Instead of trying to escape
certain tasks done every day
I rose to soar
like never before
I found I could
let go the reins
holding me back
from becoming
I wanted to be
focus to climb
and time
on procrastination
became usable
I wondered why I
fought for so long
living my dreams
My compulsion to follow
a set of routines
probably saved my life
from diabetes
and turned my nightmares
into daydreams
into me.

© LTM 11/07/14

2014 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 7

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