Accursed Whiteness

I hate snow... by Katozo
I hate snow… by Katozo

Accursed Whiteness

Not so timely
first snow in fall
last night fell
thawed and froze
Black ice morning
confronts commuters
Timely in that
I missed the sights
dreaming the night away
codling better days
when you were still here
I hate the snow
It has to know
tries to get a rise
out of me
it won you see
I curse the whiteness
no desire for the timeless
winter wonderland
Betrayed in the worst way
the umbilical cord
permanently severed
all but erased
until my children are faced
with the timeless design
of parental demise
More reason to hate
the wretched snow
I know
dragged you
mentally kicking and screaming
away from us
I hate that my children must know
this unyielding pain
lonely and lost
any age, no matter
Mother, Father
a piece of soul
flies away

© LTM 11/11/14

2014 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 11

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