Heard and Not Seen

Voices by m4gik
by m4gik

Heard and Not Seen

unsung things
voices in my head
fighting for equal space
dying to be heard
all at once
None has a name
nor a face
nor anything other than a sound
Words dripping like blood
from behind my eyes
through my veins
onto the page in front of me
Wild abandon
these words inflamed
chew them up
and spit them out
They fly
like wingless moths
through the dusty crevices
of unknown curtain calls
shrieking darkly in the night
I just listen and write
afraid to answer
I might be mad
I might be just what they had
Before breathing me to life
to deliver
these all-powerful
inane words
Chase me down
every direction
even in sleep
I must write them down
I must write
or drown

© LTM 11/12/14

2014 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 12

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