Sweet and Sour Personal Power

Sweet and Sour by dthehippie
Sweet and Sour by dthehippie

Sweet and Sour Personal Power

Sweetly sour
the aftertaste
of “Oh, so close”
“Oh no, this is
all wrong”
Satisfaction over desires
the path to happiness
can be such a bitter pill
when the Universe
repeatedly slams NO
right in your face
Have a little grace
step back the pace
reread the fine print
lost in the tint
of rose-colored glasses
Want what works
work what you want
Somewhere in between
you’ll see
Get what you need
attachment released
to a desired outcome
Sounds ho-hum
but there’s nothing humdrum
about outer/inner peace
Sweet and sour
yet still power
to continue on
your wayward fun

© LTM 11/18/14

2014 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 18

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