Conscientious Resistance

Do You Pledge Your Allegiance? by thepumpkin-queen
Do You Pledge Your Allegiance? by thepumpkin-queen

Conscientious Resistance

Some say
I am wasting my vote
I’m a poet
read into what I wrote
See, I am withholding
my ballot
in peaceful protest
boycotting the American swill
if you will
the best of the best

It is my vote
after all
and only I decide
where it falls
My right to vote includes
my right to abstain
even if it’s all in vain

The lesser of two evils
is an offensive proposition
If you want me to cast
show me someone
with a position
I can vote for
rather than against

© LTM 4/18/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 18

9 Replies on “Conscientious Resistance

  1. hey lydia ™
    so, So, SO refreshing for me to find someone who is on the same page.
    although i have to admit you have are MUCH better with words in expressing it tho.
    election time for me is NOvember. 😉


    1. November for me, too – it was prompted. 😉 Thank you so much! I believe many are feeling this way in recent elections. The future one is just the worst, so far. Lol!

  2. i know what you mean. i grew up catholic in mormon utah. i was bullied. i told the people who wanted to hate on me just leave me in peace and i will to you too. they would not. so like you, i got bigger than them and let them know if you want to go to war fine but you gonna bleed. they bled and they left me alone. peace !!!!!!!

    1. I don’t advocate violence. However, thank you for your comment! It’s good to grow up and realize we have learned from those situations. Peace!

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