Treatment Update: Post-surgery

Surgeries went fine – no complications. I was at the hospital a total of 5 hours and unconscious for 2. I remember them putting a mask on my face, telling me it was oxygen and to breathe deeply. When I opened my eyes, I asked the nurse when we would get started and she said, “You’re all done, hon.” Good job! I didn’t have to feel all the last-minute “I’m going out” anxiety. Several pre-surgery adjustments, but all par for the course. The best news is that the surgeon did not find ANY tumor. I can tell he did a thorough search, too. I’m just a little sore, but not enough to need the pain meds they prescribed. OTC’s are doing the trick. That and ice packs for 20 minutes every two hours. However, contrary to the nurse’s steadfast pledge, ice is not my friend. It tends to hurt quite a bit just before it numbs.

Bandages came off, yesterday and it’s not so bad. I’m stitched and glued. I think the surgeon did a nice job under the circumstances. Pathology reports come back next week. Fingers crossed!

Pink is not My Color

One in eight women will get breast cancer. On January 30th of this year, after a month of scans and tests, I officially became a “one.”

Stage 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in situ Her2+, to be precise, has been my every day life for 2018. I have had 16 rounds of chemo and will have a lumpectomy at the end of the month, during which they will also take at least one lymph node and remove my chemo port. After I heal from that, I will begin an unknown number of radiation treatments followed by hormone blockers for the next 5 – 10 years.

So, this year is all about “saving second base.” I feel lucky to have been given a good prognosis. There are no guarantees, they tell me, but I am responding well to treatment. I have good doctors and hope to not have to see them every other week by 2019.

And, yes, my oncologist did my hair. I think I paid too much. I wake up every morning with fuzz-frizz. 😉

Still Moving In

…and, obviously, some things are not working correctly. I see my reblogs didn’t show up right. Ugh. Oh well, I will get this figured out. Please be patient while I hunt down and unpack the rest of the boxes. Thank you!