The Spiel

i'm talking to myself. by zupan
i’m talking to myself. by zupan

The Spiel

Emotionally spaced out
The distance between you and crazy
is not wide enough to keep hell’s demons
from gnawing at the whole
Your soul
so guarded and locked away
not so safe, you say
losing grounded every day
Just want to look at the sky
take a chance
maybe fly
To do so means you’ll have to try
To do so means you’ll have to cry
You’ve got to rub the demons out
The scars are what it’s all about
Time and distance
for instance

but you say it’s not far enough
and I say what?

So spaced out
Me and I

© LTM 4/4/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 4

Three O’clock

Three o'clock in the morning by iPics
Three o’clock in the morning by iPics

Three O’clock

Three o’clock
the dog wants out
or maybe I’m too late

My sugar’s low
or don’t I know
kicked in Somogyi’s state

The not quite dawn
already taking place

It never ends
I cannot win
this glucose-insulin race

Shadows run
the cat thinks fun
tearing corners in his wake

Two hours left
to get some rest
I really need a break…

© LTM 4/3/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 3

Of a Saint

Patience by eikoweb
Patience by eikoweb

Of a Saint

Good things come to those who wait
but you mustn’t wait too long
It played inside her head
like a never-ending song

Waiting was the hardest part
trying, to say the least
Good and bad both came and went
and sometimes there was peace

In a rush or still and hushed
everything rearranged
She didn’t see the point
of letting fate decide what changed

“Leave waiting to the foolish.”
she said when all was over
“Patience is not a virtue,
It’s an instrument of torture.”

© LTM 4/2/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 2

Sincerely, Me

Dear Whoever You Were... by Bedeccadybug
Dear Whoever You Were… by Bedeccadybug

Sincerely, Me

Foolish in the ways it bends
and twists the concept of friends
around all time and space
until the truth slaps me in the face
Even then it sees only lies
making up delusional whys
just to hold onto another day
standing out in freedom’s way
Lonely is the dirtiest word
This open heart has ever heard
yet it will lock itself in chains
before putting on airs
in summer’s chilling rains

© LTM 4/1/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 1