Once Upon A Time Tonight

Once Upon A Time Tonight

Friend by friend
stepping in
standing tall
hand in hand

to fight the darkness
resurrect the light
a death-defying
cheat for flight

Didn’t you know?

Five martyrs beats the Grim reaper
and saves Robin Hood

© 10/4/15

*Still looking for the right pic…

Poetry Prompt 4 | Do you believe in magic?

The Moral of Cecil

The Moral of Cecil

Early Midwest morning
spawns a golden glowing hue
over mist-laden fields
breathing life into
reborn shadows
cast against
freshly mown earth
by trees, a fence post
and an old wagon
touting its hitch

In less than an hour
a transplanted cedar sapling
will spread into view
under a yellow solar orb
flying high inside blue
His fate accepted
he thrives as if dared

As for me
I can see
resistance is human
and change doesn’t care

© LTM 10/2/15

Poetry Prompt 2 – Let’s Hit the Ground Running!

Cloud Watching

Cloud Watching

There’s always one
lingering behind the wind
in the array of
fluffy white puffs
or gray darkened tufts
hovering to say
life is more
than a physical form
love can be seen
beyond where we dream

Ethereal spaces
traces of the road
lies ahead

Angels come follow me home

© LTM 10/1/15


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