Poetic Justice

Where am I - Google Search
Where am I – Google Search

Poetic Justice

am I?


You are neither here nor there
I can’t find you anywhere

I think
you aren’t

yet you are here

Proof denies faith


You cancelled yourself out
and vanished
in a puff of logic

42 as they say
you are with God now

© LTM 4/21/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 21

Silver Silence

Inner silence by julyshewolf
Inner silence by julyshewolf

Silver Silence

What’s in my head
those words left unsaid
Easily misunderstood


Silence speaks louder than words
at times

Mine is predicting all future outcomes
of conversations
maybe I don’t need to start

Speak from the heart

It’s difficult to stop
a knee-jerk reaction
midway through the brain
but easier than backtracking
a retraction
The infraction remains

I am not perfect
I get the better of me
but I try
perhaps more than most
because words are my host
as I write

The spoken variety
can harm or help
and sometimes to heal
or circumstances prevent
we must
shut the fuck up

on both sides of the fence

© LTM 4/20/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 20

Epiphanic Catharsis

Catharsis by WorkOfFart
Catharsis by WorkOfFart

Epiphanic Catharsis

The so-called cool kids were mean
gnawed away at my self-esteem
They made up excuses to bait
and spread rumors twisted with hate

My desire to fit in was fleeting
I should have seen through their sheeting
was dubbed public enemy uncool
and threatened with beatings at school

Now that I’m grown, I can see
they turned out no better than me
Although when our lives rearranged
I learned and they haven’t changed

So I wasn’t cursed, I was blessed
to fall in with a dicier mess
We each had our day with the popular games
now none of us remembers their names

© LTM 4/19/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 19

Conscientious Resistance

Do You Pledge Your Allegiance? by thepumpkin-queen
Do You Pledge Your Allegiance? by thepumpkin-queen

Conscientious Resistance

Some say
I am wasting my vote
I’m a poet
read into what I wrote
See, I am withholding
my ballot
in peaceful protest
boycotting the American swill
if you will
the best of the best

It is my vote
after all
and only I decide
where it falls
My right to vote includes
my right to abstain
even if it’s all in vain

The lesser of two evils
is an offensive proposition
If you want me to cast
show me someone
with a position
I can vote for
rather than against

© LTM 4/18/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 18