Accursed Whiteness

I hate snow... by Katozo
I hate snow… by Katozo

Accursed Whiteness

Not so timely
first snow in fall
last night fell
thawed and froze
Black ice morning
confronts commuters
Timely in that
I missed the sights
dreaming the night away
codling better days
when you were still here
I hate the snow
It has to know
tries to get a rise
out of me
it won you see
I curse the whiteness
no desire for the timeless
winter wonderland
Betrayed in the worst way
the umbilical cord
permanently severed
all but erased
until my children are faced
with the timeless design
of parental demise
More reason to hate
the wretched snow
I know
dragged you
mentally kicking and screaming
away from us
I hate that my children must know
this unyielding pain
lonely and lost
any age, no matter
Mother, Father
a piece of soul
flies away

© LTM 11/11/14

2014 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 11

Snow Blinded

Snow Blind by Int3rpol
Snow Blind by Int3rpol

Snow Blinded

Snow blind
in the rear view mirror
shards of a broken past
reversed in the glass
to look light and bright
from the outside
None of that fluffy white stuff here
I’m on the run from the spear
aimed at my heart
ripped apart
by the follow through
A new start
looming in the shadows
of what should have been
your long deserved happy ending
Our time together
but fairy tale dreams
Fates and destinies
are not what they seem
because any magic
including true love
always comes with a price
and minded
by time…

© LTM 11/08/14

2014 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 8

Blanket of Memories

Life Flashes Before Your Eyes by NaomiiBoxPhotography
Life Flashes Before Your Eyes by NaomiiBoxPhotography

Blanket of Memories

Blanket my soul
in blessed memories
even the ones that hurt
I want to see them all
when death comes for me
and my life flashes
before my eyes
that I lived
an active participant
that love was always there
and if I never taught
at least I learned
To carry that knowledge
that love
those memories
wherever I go


As I entered this life
delicately draped
with a clean slate
I hope I leave
lingering dreams
for memories

© LTM 11/03/14

2014 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 3

The Sound of Moonlight in Winter

winterBlue Moonlight by const7
winterBlue Moonlight
by const7

The Sound of Moonlight in Winter

In the crisp, cold air under pale moonlight,
I hear your cries through the long, dark night.
Screeching screaming snowblind fright
hallowed by holy dreams of flight
for the children that you left behind,
for the lover waiting down the aisle,
for the furry angels at home alone,
for the grace of God to you now known,
for all the friends and family ties
that forever to that day will bind
thoughts of missing who you were
to memories of a time obscured.

And I still hear you calling out
every night my fate is dealt
in nightmares by Orion’s Belt
the moonlight singing, words unspelt.
Echoes lonely though you cry
a misty rain from heaven’s high
it’s cold and snowfall taps my eyes
I want to see you one last time


Thunder pounds inside my chest
I try to lie in peace-like rest
with tunnel vision from the past
to future-forward days at last
I reckon, beckon to a shadow’s ride
the night the snow whispered you’d died.
The sound, that sound, moonlight in Winter
haunts my restless soul in ember
to turn and walk away
from ghosts and dreams and childish play…

I pray

to silence those frozen beams of light.

© LTM 09/15/14

2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 16: Ashes Never Spread Around (Poem)

Well…I couldn’t avoid it forever. Today’s prompt was to write an elegy. I figured since I have 14 months worth of those, maybe I should attempt something a little more formal and/or classic – and that’s what this is: an attempt, 😉

Ashes to Ashes by decors

Ashes to Ashes by decors

Ashes Never Spread Around
(an elegy for Mother)

In the eerie depths of the Knight’s white shadow,
Momma you melted away in ghostly hollow –
lonely in your wisdom and trepid for your fate,
while no one knew you’d been struck down in blinding grace.

Your voice and face still a constant earthly presence,
love and guidance amass in hindsight mind segments.
A challenged intellect comprises nothing new –
except this grief: I blame the snow for killing you,

not God nor Nature nor the way things just happen.
Still human in my need to grudge a bleeding pen –
I cannot bridge the gaps of wrath with platitudes
nor string my acceptance to somber gratitude,

but yield to knowing your essence has not ended.
The life and breath of all you are floats descended,
though your deathly form still lies frozen underground –
you are forever, ashes never spread around.

© LTM 04/16/14

(I love it when my muse is sipping wine with Poe)