I’ll be Blank

Dove by TasheenaS
Dove by TasheenaS

I’ll be Blank

I suppose
as I grow old
my heart this knows
my brain won’t hold
on to everything
I’ve ever known
Some will go missing
as how I’d grown
when’s and where’s
will fade away
Not just yet
but in those days
I’ll be frank
and like the dove
I’ll be blank
of all but love

© LTM 11/24/14

2014 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 24

Blanket of Memories

Life Flashes Before Your Eyes by NaomiiBoxPhotography
Life Flashes Before Your Eyes by NaomiiBoxPhotography

Blanket of Memories

Blanket my soul
in blessed memories
even the ones that hurt
I want to see them all
when death comes for me
and my life flashes
before my eyes
that I lived
an active participant
that love was always there
and if I never taught
at least I learned
To carry that knowledge
that love
those memories
wherever I go


As I entered this life
delicately draped
with a clean slate
I hope I leave
lingering dreams
for memories

© LTM 11/03/14

2014 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 3


pb and j by OcheerioO
pb and j by OcheerioO


When I was very young
two simple things fun
indelibly came undone

Peanut Butter was okay
in one small dose a day
a few crackers on tray

Jelly was an awful sin
a slow poison under my skin
the only cure, more insulin

It seemed like forever
these two never together
between bread not much better

Things have changed in 30 years
healthy jellies allayed my tears
and better treatments appeared

It warms my heart, this little thing
a peanut butter and jelly fling
Skip the milk I never liked drinking

A childhood memory returned again
I can count on now and then
in its original blend

Yet ingrained in me this broken rhyme
That sugar was a deadly crime
I still panic the idea sometimes

© LTM 11/02/14

2014 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 2


* I DID write a poem for day #1 of PAD, but want to hold off posting it for just a bit. It will go up before the end of the month. 🙂

Hindsight Blues


Hindsight Blues

Long overdue
dripping from
hindsight blues
gruesome ooze
Guilt for the things
We failed to do
doors we didn’t walk through
mistakes were made
give and take
desires from the lake
of daring ruse
Over and under
reactions spewed
out to them
into you
Words wielded
within confidence
sold for minor dues
or blasted from the heat
of an angry fuse
Gains and losses
joys and regrets
cycled through
rose-colored hues
Spread out wide
upon the table
a magnificent feast
for the resident muse
because we do
what we do
and live beyond
what we lose

© LTM 10/15/14




This ground hallowed, I go
skillfully panther-pawed
over hidden missteps, where
I count them all:
joys, loves, regrets – the
choices and decisions mined.
My life flight’s truths,
they dream and then I sleep.

© LTM 06/27/14
My attempt at a the GOLDEN SHOVEL: POETIC FORM. Read the last words down, they are a line from Ray Bradbury’s poem, “Go Panther-Pawed Where All The Mined Truths Sleep.”