Epiphanic Catharsis

Catharsis by WorkOfFart
Catharsis by WorkOfFart

Epiphanic Catharsis

The so-called cool kids were mean
gnawed away at my self-esteem
They made up excuses to bait
and spread rumors twisted with hate

My desire to fit in was fleeting
I should have seen through their sheeting
was dubbed public enemy uncool
and threatened with beatings at school

Now that I’m grown, I can see
they turned out no better than me
Although when our lives rearranged
I learned and they haven’t changed

So I wasn’t cursed, I was blessed
to fall in with a dicier mess
We each had our day with the popular games
now none of us remembers their names

© LTM 4/19/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 19

Wing-Dingin’ It

party in my head by mangaluvver
party in my head by mangaluvver

Wing-Dingin’ It

inside my head
No dress code
Don’t bring anything
except your own
with random words
as you wish
or stir alone
a wallflower
spun from gold
Everyone grows old
weary of effort
planning and
putting on airs
just for musical chairs
We all play
in some way
of charming the ghost
a delightful host
coming to take me away
Just one more dance
Pomp is dashed and played
for youth
as it were

© LTM 1/6/15

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 291