2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 2: “Love and Madness”



Love and Madness

It just takes one step
that first step into madness
to raise from the dead
the life in your head
to find all the colors
you lost on your voyage
of growing up
in polite company
to become what you ought
or so you once thought.

quite often lack
but the trip was so dark
from just a flicker of hope
and the stormy nights
scared away your dreams
so it seems.

Once you take that
very first step
into the true depth
of love
your heart full of fire
your will on a wire
creating your desires
becomes instinct
and trumps everything
you thought you knew
with everything
you’ve ever wanted to do
in your “right” mind
not your thoughts mined
out of madness.

© LTM 04/02/14