2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 3: “Airmail” (Poem)

Balloons for Mom 02/16/14
Balloons for Mom 02/16/14


I put it off until the last minute
the letter to you
Tears flowed through my soul
whenever I tried
A hand-scribbled note
of less than a page
is what I ended up with
“I love you Mom”
“We all miss you”
So much, me…
The deeper words written
with invisible ink
A symphony played
on heartstrings
I write conversations with you
all the time
obscured in rhythm and rhyme
The one has been sent
tucked inside a balloon
and released to the sky
on the first anniversary
of that dreadful day
I just wanted you to know
you weren’t really alone
when you had to go
A piece of me went with you
as many others’ too
So you will never be
alone again
I had a hard time showing you
while you were still here
I hope you got the message.

© LTM 04/03/14