2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 5: “No More Four-Leaf Clovers” (Poem)

the trail by Coley0307
the trail
by Coley0307

No More Four-Leaf Clovers

I walk along
a lonely trail
wondering along the way
If love is hope
and hope is life
when the skies are always gray
Raindrops pouncing
upon my head
suggest there’s more today
I crouch to search
the ground afoot
for a sprig of nature’s cliché
A bit of luck
to grow inside
my heart on washed out days

but I cannot see
any life of me
they all have gone away

There are no more four-leaf clovers…

© LTM 04/05/14
Orig. 1983

* This is one I attempted to reconstruct from my teen years. I’m sure it’s not the same poem I wrote back then, except for a few lines and the essence.