2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 8: “Fighting for Peace” (POEM)

'The Keeper Of Memories' by Soot-Sprite-1995
‘The Keeper Of Memories’ by Soot-Sprite-1995

Fighting for Peace

A solitary tear
fights to get out
once war is declared in the heart
acridly building intensity
pounding in the blood
echoing in the dark
until it erupts from the eye
in a flood of emotions
powerful, strong
right or wrong
still being pulled back
fighting for the freedom
of its kind
tug of war
just a glance, loss in silence
or the wiping away
empathy’s grace
is all it takes
a peaceful glide down the cheek
stop, drop, fall
into a deep breath
exhaled and let go
a slow death
to birth a memory.

© LTM 04/08/14