2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 9: “To the Letter” (Poem)

the letter by montroytana

To the Letter

Her last breath
whispered “I’m cold.”
You covered her
with a blanket in the snow,
you held her until help came
and took her away.
I saw you cry
as you told me why.

How much it meant
for me to hear that,
you will never know.
You may not believe
in forces working through you
that freaky afternoon,
but love sheltered you both
and delivered you home.

Circumstances, as they were,
still grapple with my mind:
cause and effect,
love and protect,
fight for the life we love.
one thing stands out
above all else:

You knew nothing about her,
not even that she was your neighbor.
Accidents happen,
but you cared,
you stood up,
you acted in conscience
as we all should.
The law is fixed,
enforced and followed,
but you can walk away tall.

It seems almost blasphemous
to write this poem,
but my heart speaks
for you to know
my forgiveness,
(though a moot point)
was instantaneous.
We’re each fighting battles
only in our minds
and only with ourselves.
You must forgive yourself
and move on.
Never forget,
but forever keep in your heart
the art of your lessons.

She would have wanted it that way.

© LTM 04/09/14

*This is probably too personal to post, but it was prompted and I will not miss a day of PAD…because that’s how I move on.