2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 10: “What Future Lies” (Poem)

My Lulu Projects
My Lulu Projects

What Future Lies

Death has a heart,
it taunts the horizon
towards my next goal;
A wish list of dreams
and all the dark nights
turned light
I fight through
to breach the edge.

can be a cruel mistress
and nobody knows for sure
what future lies…
what future lies
will get in our way
or not.

All I’ve ever wanted for me was
not an easy way out,
but acceptance of the way
and stillness within it.

I still fight myself
and cry myself to sleep,
but have learned to start all over again
with each new dawn,

and I write.
I write because it is my peace
and Death has a Heart
will be my victory
over grief.

© LTM 04/10/14