2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 11: “I Can Write a Poem a Day!” (Poem)

Poetry Magnets
Poetry Magnets

I Can Write a Poem a Day!

I can write a poem a day
and post it everywhere
for folks to say,
“Hey, that’s great!”
or “Man, that sucks.”
Most just shoot a star my way
or thumb it up, if I’m lucky.

I can’t seem to do much else.

I would love to gab
about this and that
with all the wonderful people
(old friends and new)
get to know you,
catch up on your sequels.

It takes half the day
for me to wrap things up
and with my lunchtime crutch,
energy drained, I have to nap.
Then school is out
and I’m up and about
cleaning up the cooking of mess:
animals’ roars
make a plan for tomorrow…

I can’t even get my plants to grow,
now that Spring has melted snow.
My yarn stash has
forsaken me,
hooked on phonics-

I’ve become a hermit
inside a hole,
my muse the light
I blindly follow thirty days
and thirty nights.
Her spasmodic ways
take every breath
for a sip of water.

I guess it really doesn’t sound like much.
Maybe I need to readjust
time and reality,
illusions of fate,
my temporary insanity:

© LTM 04/11/14