2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 12: “Country Mouse” (Poem)

Kansas City, MO (left); Butler, MO (right)
Kansas City, MO (left); Butler, MO (right)

Country Mouse

No doubt the city is beautiful
viewed at a distance
from up above
especially at night
So vibrant and full of life
Busy little fireflies
chasing down concrete dreams
stopping to take in
the occasional sideshow
Music hopping
dancers flopping
friends and lovers
meeting eachother
for the first time
It’s a movie playing
on the big screen
as it’s being written
Coming attractions
out of the corner of your eye
It’s quite an entertaining
black-jack boat show
You can find anything you want
at 24-hour Joe’s
The city is never closed

I visit, now and again
but I don’t like to stay
The hustle-bustle move along
has never been my prop
There’s no real life experience
inside the candy shop
Middle-of-the-roader soldier
I like my privacy
Peace and quiet mostly
not complete solitude
I love to create smiles
As I walk along the miles
Small town life
though not care-free
brings out the best in me
Manners and civility
are common ground
for painting pictures in the clouds
I hear birds and locusts chirp
over the cars and trains IN town
Life still goes on
there are things to do
dreams to catch and ride
places to go and see
if you’re into that kind of thing

Life is much more tender here
in our laid-back community
I don’t know why exactly
it’s just the life we lead

© LTM 04/12/14