2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 16: Ashes Never Spread Around (Poem)

Well…I couldn’t avoid it forever. Today’s prompt was to write an elegy. I figured since I have 14 months worth of those, maybe I should attempt something a little more formal and/or classic – and that’s what this is: an attempt, 😉

Ashes to Ashes by decors

Ashes to Ashes by decors

Ashes Never Spread Around
(an elegy for Mother)

In the eerie depths of the Knight’s white shadow,
Momma you melted away in ghostly hollow –
lonely in your wisdom and trepid for your fate,
while no one knew you’d been struck down in blinding grace.

Your voice and face still a constant earthly presence,
love and guidance amass in hindsight mind segments.
A challenged intellect comprises nothing new –
except this grief: I blame the snow for killing you,

not God nor Nature nor the way things just happen.
Still human in my need to grudge a bleeding pen –
I cannot bridge the gaps of wrath with platitudes
nor string my acceptance to somber gratitude,

but yield to knowing your essence has not ended.
The life and breath of all you are floats descended,
though your deathly form still lies frozen underground –
you are forever, ashes never spread around.

© LTM 04/16/14

(I love it when my muse is sipping wine with Poe)