2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 17: Pop Culturally Challenged (Poem)

Bob Dylan Superbowl Commercial for Chrysler
Bob Dylan Superbowl Commercial for Chrysler

Pop Culturally Challenged

The biggest-brightest,
new fad on the market;
body-face on tv
or twerk-rapper with an ‘MC’?
Most do not interest me
(old fogie).

Oh I have, in my lifetime,
bought into some –
especially young:
high school eclectic ranger X
trying to fit in
but I’ve grown up,
perhaps just a bit.

My favorite icons being
the ones that carry messages,
fight for a plight,
memorialize the dream
and then (so it seems)
sell out –
massacred by public opinion
and the media.

More mature, life-experienced,
pay attention me
says, “It’s all hoopla.
Who cares, right?”
They are not Gods, prophets
or saviors of any kind.
Voice of a generation?

They are just people,
like you and me –
humans within human means,
making a living
the best way they can.
Survivors of the game
and the times they are a changin’.

So before knocking
the things that they do,
ask yourself this:
How perfect are you?
What would you not do
to take care of your own
family glue?
I’m not saying they’re desperate,
just practical and imperfect.
The real question here
(yes, I’m tossing my hair)
is: Why do you care?

© LTM 04/17/14