2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 21: Native Words (Poem)

Writing by Hand
Writing by Hand

Native Words

I wrote my first poem in grade school,
an assignment from some teacher
I’m sure I didn’t like.
I wrote about a bird,
it might have been haiku,
though it most likely rhymed
out of cue.

I had just learned manuscript.
Big fat pencils and
chunky line-sliced paper
were my only tools.
They grew much smaller by high school
when I fell in love with Poe.

Now I’m typing on my phone
which may be more productive,
but not nearly as eloquent:
The beautiful handwriting I once owned
has been reduced to chicken scratch
from this typing machine
and my vision requires correction
from staring at its screen.

There is a gentle art,
an intangible essence of life,
to writing by hand…
a lost soul-pencil-paper connection
I’ve often considered
returning to

© LTM 04/21/14