2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 24: Tell it to the Sandman (Poem)


Tell it to the Sandman

who occasionally skips a beat.
It seems like he forgets
we humans frail with time
and time is cruel with lack of sleep.
One night is all it takes
to set you out-of-place,
your mind and body start to falter
at an evenly rapid pace.
Your eyelids will be heavy,
but closing them is replete
with half-unconscious visions
and sounds that can’t be traced.
You’ll be torn between caffeine,
for tasks you must complete,
and cataplectic rest stops
that fail to meet your need.
Upon return the next night,
he’ll double up the dose.
You’ll become like sleeping beauty,
100 years comatose.
You’ll wake up sore and cranky,
who’ll ask if you’re still alive
and even though unsure
you’ll mutter, “yeah, I’m fine.”
So whatever keeps you up,
whatever isn’t right,
Tell it to the Sandman
because he missed my house last night.

© LTM 04/24/14