2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 27: Early On (Poem)

Original Cookie Monster
Original Cookie Monster

Early On

I used to be afraid
of the Cookie Monster.
When I was very little
I would find him perched
atop my dresser
with a napkin
around his neck,
a fork in one hand
and a knife in the other
at bedtime.
He wasn’t screaming, “Cookie!”
He didn’t say anything at all.
He just stared at me
as the top half of him
(all I’d ever see)
seemed to inch
closer and closer
to me.
I had to be around three,
so I cried out.
Someone always saved me,
but the visions would
make me vomit.
After that, I’d pass out
and sleep,
and sleep…

Funny how the body
plays tricks on the mind
when you don’t yet know
the words to speak
or even that something’s
not right.

© LTM 04/27/14