2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 30: Until Next Time… (Poem)

Until next time by white-phoenix-dark
Until next time by white-phoenix-dark

Until Next Time…

30 days and 30 nights
painting pictures
with words I write;
recreating thought forms
from inside my own little world
for public consumption.
Writing, editing, illustrating, posting –
all loves of mine,
I do them mostly for me.

PAD is a wonderful catalyst
(inspiration for aspirations)
tricking the muse
to come out and play.
I get so used to it
by the last day.
Then it’s done
and I can say I’ve won
if I wrote a poem a day.

Tomorrow I will wake up
looking for a prompt
that isn’t there.
A little downward spiral
will cramp the fond routine.
It will take about a week or so
to get back on my feet
and write free
without the brain-jog safety net.

For now, I’ve finished
the last poem on the block.
I can call it a day
and celebrate
30 poems in 30 days,
30 dreams in 30 ways,
by coming up for air,
walking outside
and relaxing in the shade.

© LTM 04/30/14