Mourning Fog

Weep for You by Kokitsune-Koyuki
Weep for You by Kokitsune-Koyuki

Mourning Fog

The early mourning fog alights
across the yard on stoned gravesites
soothing to an earth lain scarred
holes for souls and yours en garde

For long your stolen strength I tried
to shadow safely, fears inside
’til staunchly I fell by your tomb
as though they’d ripped you from my womb

But this you gave in times of strife
a graceful face respecting life
faking of the Master’s ways
as rain melts down to faithless days

So rest now Mother your wounds are healed
your heart ensconced in golden shield
Your loving arms are missed in spade
yet forever linger in misty shade…

[RIP 2/16/13]

© LTM 2/20/15

Writing 201: Fog