April 2015 PAD

It’s almost that time, again!

Can you believe it? Are you ready?

I am and I’m not. Lol. This time of year means it’s time to re-evaluate my goals for 8:01 and maybe give it a shiny new look. It’s also a time of mild anxiety – will I be able to do all 30 days or not? This is pressure I put on myself, that’s all. I hope I have many friends and followers joining in this year, but one in particular (and you know who you are).

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I know, I know – it’s still almost 4 weeks away, but it will be here before you know it. I love to share the announcements! It gets me psyched up. I didn’t finish 30 days last November, but I did 28. That’s more than I have ever done in November, before. April is usually easier for me, perhaps because of  Spring settling in? Anyway, I’m over November, it’s time to move on.

Hehe…hmm…is that a poem brewing? 😉

Anyway, countdown forthcoming!