Shoe Fly

SHOE FLY by CharlyChive
SHOE FLY by CharlyChive

Shoe Fly

A lonely sandal
lost in the dunes
far from the water’s edge
makes me wonder
how one foot can tread on
while the other’s still dressed

until I recall
things I have lost
without a clue
as to
where they went

Why is my mind so bent
on this familiar event

Maybe this shoe
just slipped away
It was time for it to go
to grow
It has evolved
adapted to its environment
is happy doing its thing

And some day
its former partner
will fly away

only for them
to meet again
in the end

© LTM 4/23/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 23

Starship Landing Strip

Jefferson Airplane by jspphotography
Jefferson Airplane by jspphotography

Starship Landing Strip

With deep respect to those
who have come and gone
it just goes to show
the circle grows
Nothing remains the same
for long

It matters not
how you make your name
the sound
the soul
the years of gold

From the Summer of Love
that I was a part of
I chased the White Rabbit
into oncoming traffic
found Somebody to Love
and with a conjoined shrug
We Built this City
on rock and roll

To me
you’ll always just be


© LTM 4/22/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 22

Poetic Justice

Where am I - Google Search
Where am I – Google Search

Poetic Justice

am I?


You are neither here nor there
I can’t find you anywhere

I think
you aren’t

yet you are here

Proof denies faith


You cancelled yourself out
and vanished
in a puff of logic

42 as they say
you are with God now

© LTM 4/21/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 21

Silver Silence

Inner silence by julyshewolf
Inner silence by julyshewolf

Silver Silence

What’s in my head
those words left unsaid
Easily misunderstood


Silence speaks louder than words
at times

Mine is predicting all future outcomes
of conversations
maybe I don’t need to start

Speak from the heart

It’s difficult to stop
a knee-jerk reaction
midway through the brain
but easier than backtracking
a retraction
The infraction remains

I am not perfect
I get the better of me
but I try
perhaps more than most
because words are my host
as I write

The spoken variety
can harm or help
and sometimes to heal
or circumstances prevent
we must
shut the fuck up

on both sides of the fence

© LTM 4/20/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 20