Built to Last

kiss from a rose by kaphrin
kiss from a rose by kaphrin

Built to Last

How do we know
we’re in love

Is it a deep longing
a strong knowing
a profound mutual respect

Or could it be
that we
spent so much time
learning what love isn’t

When that doesn’t show up
we are relieved
by peace
let our defenses slip
and trip
into something
we never want to release

I think
single file
our experiences
with love and anti-love
march down the aisle
and before we know it
twenty years of
a lifetime commitment
has passed

We no longer have to ask
we just know
we built us to last

© LTM 4/26/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 26

2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 15: Life in the Balance (Poem)

Balance by eriksherman
Balance by eriksherman

Life in the Balance

I love
Flowers in the spring
The color green
My friends and families
Dragonfly wings
Intangible things

I don’t love
A hard freeze in April
Walking uphill
Overestimating my skill
Disturbing an anthill
The words ‘hate’ and ‘kill’

I’m growing still
and these may change
or maybe not
isn’t Life strange?

© LTM 04/15/14