2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 30: Until Next Time… (Poem)

Until next time by white-phoenix-dark
Until next time by white-phoenix-dark

Until Next Time…

30 days and 30 nights
painting pictures
with words I write;
recreating thought forms
from inside my own little world
for public consumption.
Writing, editing, illustrating, posting –
all loves of mine,
I do them mostly for me.

PAD is a wonderful catalyst
(inspiration for aspirations)
tricking the muse
to come out and play.
I get so used to it
by the last day.
Then it’s done
and I can say I’ve won
if I wrote a poem a day.

Tomorrow I will wake up
looking for a prompt
that isn’t there.
A little downward spiral
will cramp the fond routine.
It will take about a week or so
to get back on my feet
and write free
without the brain-jog safety net.

For now, I’ve finished
the last poem on the block.
I can call it a day
and celebrate
30 poems in 30 days,
30 dreams in 30 ways,
by coming up for air,
walking outside
and relaxing in the shade.

© LTM 04/30/14

2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 29: Relative Realities (Poem)

Snowflake by IngridTan
Snowflake by IngridTan

Relative Realities

A single snowflake,
two days before May,
whisked through the air
and disappeared.
On a quantum level, I thought,
It must be snowing elsewhere
in the multiverse.
This solitary frozen blink
slipped through
a split-second portal,
interdimensionally transported
to float itself undone.
As such,
The how’s and why’s
don’t matter much.
Its life and death
were witnessed here.
Magically surreal,
yet it made me feel
graciously alive
and wistfully…

© LTM 04/29/14

2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 28: Almost Yesterday (Poem)


Midwest Storm Clouds April 27, 2014
Midwest Storm Clouds
April 27, 2014

Almost Yesterday

Sirens in the outfield,
storms are coming near –
spawning off tornados
and rustling up some fear.

Wind and hail behind us,
rain a silent ghost;
the clouds are dark and ominous
while for hours, no riposte.

Today the dust has settled
and fear has gone away,
grace and debris reminders
of an almost yesterday.

© LTM 04/28/14