Daisy Mae: September 2000 - April 2016
Daisy Mae: September 2000 – April 2016


I don’t understand
why life must end

I mean
my mind can crunch
the number theories bunch
enough to say
that would be bad
but my will is strong
and my heart fights
to keep all the lights

Then when endings hit
too close to home
I scream
don’t leave me
not this time
I’m not ready to go
just yet
I fret
life is too precious
I must cling to every breath

there’s a fly on my desk
and I am left
bereft of any answers

I miss her…

RIP Daisy Mae 4/30/16

© LTM 4/30/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 30

Bury the Seed

To plant a seed by ImmfuckinAwesome
To plant a seed by ImmfuckinAwesome

Bury the Seed

It’s not enough
to plant the seed
you must bury it deep
within the need
The need that grows
as the river flows
is met by the sun
where the flower shows
The shows are wild
and free as a child
their scents wafting
pleasant and mild
The mild wind strays
beyond our days
to scatter the dust
for future ways
the ways that keep
the harvest reaped
So bury the seed
the need so deep

© LTM 04/30/15

2015 April PAD Challenge: Day 30

North, South, East, West

Compass heart by Jinchuurikiify
Compass heart by Jinchuurikiify

North, South, East, West

following my heart
is what I know best
Sometimes it doesn’t go
the way I think it will
Sometimes it does
or it just stands still
Sometimes it’s off
in outer space
Sometimes it doesn’t
quite know it’s place
but I hear my heart’s song
where it always belongs
forever a home
where it’s never alone
with family and friends
until the bitter end

© LTM 11/21/14

2014 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 21