Trapped in the Garden of Good and Evil

Trapped in the Garden of Good and Evil

Specific reasons
for times and seasons
drifting on a breeze
Why this
What if that
When will peace arrive
for all
These cringes we call in resistance
from the furthest fringes of existence
their intricate formulas
unintended for mortals
It is not our function
to bridge the junction
but to determine
the product of value
in the rhythm and rhyme
what might be divine
to sign on the spinning dime
a thought
a line
a dream in time
committed to memories
For love or light
we continue to fight
live and learn
lesson the burn
teach in return

And when we are limitless
bear witness

Intricate details of the inexplicable soul

Knowing is not the goal
it’s feeling the whole

© LTM 8/13/16

Shoe Fly

SHOE FLY by CharlyChive
SHOE FLY by CharlyChive

Shoe Fly

A lonely sandal
lost in the dunes
far from the water’s edge
makes me wonder
how one foot can tread on
while the other’s still dressed

until I recall
things I have lost
without a clue
as to
where they went

Why is my mind so bent
on this familiar event

Maybe this shoe
just slipped away
It was time for it to go
to grow
It has evolved
adapted to its environment
is happy doing its thing

And some day
its former partner
will fly away

only for them
to meet again
in the end

© LTM 4/23/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 23


Peccadillo by RioJov
Peccadillo by RioJov


Seven course
fine dining meal
out in country’s hollow
Live music lends
to ambiance
relax, enjoy the tempo

An evening shared
good company
a cherished memory
Teenage years
I called my home
now centered in reverie

© LTM 4/16/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 16

A Well-Defined Garden

The Garden Of Secrets by palirox
The Garden Of Secrets by palirox

A Well-Defined Garden

Everyone hides something of themselves
even I, the proverbial open book
Perhaps it’s different things
at different times
in different places
for various reasons,
but of me yet
my secrets are known
Not dumped on one doorstep
just broken down
into precious pieces
carefully planted in the ground
Blossoming seeds of knowledge
for lessons learned
shared or snared
they lie there
in loving memory

© LTM 04/02/15

2015 April PAD Challenge: Day 2


Neverland by j-vidanova
Neverland by j-vidanova


Call me walled
in cast iron squalls
sailed by random memories
to shelter in the dark
mismatched pieces of
this broken heart
Betrayed, unswayed
the ghost inside my head
is bleeding red
on visions of a perfect world
I am just a Lost Girl
silenced by a feather
drifting onto the remains
of hollow wordplay

© LTM 2/21/15