Mourning Fog

Weep for You by Kokitsune-Koyuki
Weep for You by Kokitsune-Koyuki

Mourning Fog

The early mourning fog alights
across the yard on stoned gravesites
soothing to an earth lain scarred
holes for souls and yours en garde

For long your stolen strength I tried
to shadow safely, fears inside
’til staunchly I fell by your tomb
as though they’d ripped you from my womb

But this you gave in times of strife
a graceful face respecting life
faking of the Master’s ways
as rain melts down to faithless days

So rest now Mother your wounds are healed
your heart ensconced in golden shield
Your loving arms are missed in spade
yet forever linger in misty shade…

[RIP 2/16/13]

© LTM 2/20/15

Writing 201: Fog

The Sound of Moonlight in Winter

winterBlue Moonlight by const7
winterBlue Moonlight
by const7

The Sound of Moonlight in Winter

In the crisp, cold air under pale moonlight,
I hear your cries through the long, dark night.
Screeching screaming snowblind fright
hallowed by holy dreams of flight
for the children that you left behind,
for the lover waiting down the aisle,
for the furry angels at home alone,
for the grace of God to you now known,
for all the friends and family ties
that forever to that day will bind
thoughts of missing who you were
to memories of a time obscured.

And I still hear you calling out
every night my fate is dealt
in nightmares by Orion’s Belt
the moonlight singing, words unspelt.
Echoes lonely though you cry
a misty rain from heaven’s high
it’s cold and snowfall taps my eyes
I want to see you one last time


Thunder pounds inside my chest
I try to lie in peace-like rest
with tunnel vision from the past
to future-forward days at last
I reckon, beckon to a shadow’s ride
the night the snow whispered you’d died.
The sound, that sound, moonlight in Winter
haunts my restless soul in ember
to turn and walk away
from ghosts and dreams and childish play…

I pray

to silence those frozen beams of light.

© LTM 09/15/14

2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 16: Ashes Never Spread Around (Poem)

Well…I couldn’t avoid it forever. Today’s prompt was to write an elegy. I figured since I have 14 months worth of those, maybe I should attempt something a little more formal and/or classic – and that’s what this is: an attempt, 😉

Ashes to Ashes by decors

Ashes to Ashes by decors

Ashes Never Spread Around
(an elegy for Mother)

In the eerie depths of the Knight’s white shadow,
Momma you melted away in ghostly hollow –
lonely in your wisdom and trepid for your fate,
while no one knew you’d been struck down in blinding grace.

Your voice and face still a constant earthly presence,
love and guidance amass in hindsight mind segments.
A challenged intellect comprises nothing new –
except this grief: I blame the snow for killing you,

not God nor Nature nor the way things just happen.
Still human in my need to grudge a bleeding pen –
I cannot bridge the gaps of wrath with platitudes
nor string my acceptance to somber gratitude,

but yield to knowing your essence has not ended.
The life and breath of all you are floats descended,
though your deathly form still lies frozen underground –
you are forever, ashes never spread around.

© LTM 04/16/14

(I love it when my muse is sipping wine with Poe)

2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 9: “To the Letter” (Poem)

the letter by montroytana

To the Letter

Her last breath
whispered “I’m cold.”
You covered her
with a blanket in the snow,
you held her until help came
and took her away.
I saw you cry
as you told me why.

How much it meant
for me to hear that,
you will never know.
You may not believe
in forces working through you
that freaky afternoon,
but love sheltered you both
and delivered you home.

Circumstances, as they were,
still grapple with my mind:
cause and effect,
love and protect,
fight for the life we love.
one thing stands out
above all else:

You knew nothing about her,
not even that she was your neighbor.
Accidents happen,
but you cared,
you stood up,
you acted in conscience
as we all should.
The law is fixed,
enforced and followed,
but you can walk away tall.

It seems almost blasphemous
to write this poem,
but my heart speaks
for you to know
my forgiveness,
(though a moot point)
was instantaneous.
We’re each fighting battles
only in our minds
and only with ourselves.
You must forgive yourself
and move on.
Never forget,
but forever keep in your heart
the art of your lessons.

She would have wanted it that way.

© LTM 04/09/14

*This is probably too personal to post, but it was prompted and I will not miss a day of PAD…because that’s how I move on.

2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE DAY 3: “Airmail” (Poem)

Balloons for Mom 02/16/14
Balloons for Mom 02/16/14


I put it off until the last minute
the letter to you
Tears flowed through my soul
whenever I tried
A hand-scribbled note
of less than a page
is what I ended up with
“I love you Mom”
“We all miss you”
So much, me…
The deeper words written
with invisible ink
A symphony played
on heartstrings
I write conversations with you
all the time
obscured in rhythm and rhyme
The one has been sent
tucked inside a balloon
and released to the sky
on the first anniversary
of that dreadful day
I just wanted you to know
you weren’t really alone
when you had to go
A piece of me went with you
as many others’ too
So you will never be
alone again
I had a hard time showing you
while you were still here
I hope you got the message.

© LTM 04/03/14