Three O’clock

Three o'clock in the morning by iPics
Three o’clock in the morning by iPics

Three O’clock

Three o’clock
the dog wants out
or maybe I’m too late

My sugar’s low
or don’t I know
kicked in Somogyi’s state

The not quite dawn
already taking place

It never ends
I cannot win
this glucose-insulin race

Shadows run
the cat thinks fun
tearing corners in his wake

Two hours left
to get some rest
I really need a break…

© LTM 4/3/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 3

I’ll Never Blank

.Fear of a blank planet. by Nonnetta
.Fear of a blank planet. by Nonnetta

I’ll Never Blank

I’ll never blank a star
from existence
away so far
I’ll never seize its light
from the darkest of nights
or steal a beam from the moon
I’ll never know the heat
a single star can beat
when it’s shooting through the sky
I’ll never touch a star
or wander far
from the illuminated path
I walk to live
I’ll never cross the stars
the lovers they are
smiling on the rest of us

© LTM 11/20/14

2014 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 20