Resilience by eddieretelj
Resilience by eddieretelj


or go
I don’t know

I’d miss those guys
with their alibis
but what a surprise

nobody cares

Splitting hairs
for the sake of
something that was never there


a pat on my back
for knowing despair
showing some flare
growing a pair

and walking away
before it’s too late

and I no longer care

I have better ways to waste my time

© LTM 4/10/16

* Shame on me – I censored myself, but only for the sake of rhyme.

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 10

Bury the Seed

To plant a seed by ImmfuckinAwesome
To plant a seed by ImmfuckinAwesome

Bury the Seed

It’s not enough
to plant the seed
you must bury it deep
within the need
The need that grows
as the river flows
is met by the sun
where the flower shows
The shows are wild
and free as a child
their scents wafting
pleasant and mild
The mild wind strays
beyond our days
to scatter the dust
for future ways
the ways that keep
the harvest reaped
So bury the seed
the need so deep

© LTM 04/30/15

2015 April PAD Challenge: Day 30


Queen of Technical Nonsense by zancan
Queen of Technical Nonsense by zancan


What nobody knows
cannot be expressed
vocally or in written form
The unknown hiding
completely out of view
The invisible unknowing
can drive you mad
yet it is what we
have always had
I find certain peace
in the release
of those things
I do not know
I do not wish to know them
for the most part
Ignorance is bliss
There are too many things
I already know
that I wish I could forget
If nobody knows them
that includes me
and it might just be best
to let those things be

© LTM 04/29/15

2015 April PAD Challenge: Day 29

Data Pasta Salad

Zyvx: Code Monkey by katzai
Zyvx: Code Monkey by katzai

Data Pasta Salad

Twisty curvy coiled up
chunks of variable statements
diced with long commands
writhing in the instruments
calling up the functional aftermath
bracketed, parenthesized true/false requirements
spicy tender bytes of expletively
aggregated arguments
tossed together in well-formatted
and documented arrangements

If code is poetry, I am E.E. Cummings
defying the syntax establishment

© LTM 04/24/15

*For my Hubby

The Poet, Not the Poem

I am a Rock by JonazH10
I am a Rock by JonazH10

The Poet, Not the Poem

I am not a butterfly
floating o’er a windswept field of wildflowers
nor a wild rosebush
blooming ‘neath the April sun
I am not lightning
flashing against the nighttime sky
beyond the pouring rain
nor ocean waves
crashing against the summer sand

I am not the inspiration that you seek
I am not hard or soft or strong or weak
I am not a rare and valuable antique
yet I will hunt these things you speak

© LTM 04/21/15

2015 April PAD Challenge: Day 21