Epiphanic Catharsis

Catharsis by WorkOfFart
Catharsis by WorkOfFart

Epiphanic Catharsis

The so-called cool kids were mean
gnawed away at my self-esteem
They made up excuses to bait
and spread rumors twisted with hate

My desire to fit in was fleeting
I should have seen through their sheeting
was dubbed public enemy uncool
and threatened with beatings at school

Now that I’m grown, I can see
they turned out no better than me
Although when our lives rearranged
I learned and they haven’t changed

So I wasn’t cursed, I was blessed
to fall in with a dicier mess
We each had our day with the popular games
now none of us remembers their names

© LTM 4/19/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 19

Last Curtain Call

-Curtain Call- by RingoNakishima
-Curtain Call- by RingoNakishima

Last Curtain Call

The last line
just a mark in time
where changes occurred
memories blurred
bridges burned
the last page was turned
and all that remained
in the last words stained
indelibly penned
one more story’s The End

Tilting at windmills
with featherless quills

© LTM 4/13/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 13

Chemical Reaction

Chemical Reaction` by Foxfire4000
Chemical Reaction` by Foxfire4000

Chemical Reaction

blank expression
choking on words
not numb
Mind racing
thought bouncing
balance malfunction
Widespread panic
internal quakes
dopamine response
complete shutdown

All systems

cold-hearted bitch

caring too much

Remember me
remember this
because in those moments
I can’t remember

Check my blood sugar!

© LTM 4/11/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 11


Resilience by eddieretelj
Resilience by eddieretelj


or go
I don’t know

I’d miss those guys
with their alibis
but what a surprise

nobody cares

Splitting hairs
for the sake of
something that was never there


a pat on my back
for knowing despair
showing some flare
growing a pair

and walking away
before it’s too late

and I no longer care

I have better ways to waste my time

© LTM 4/10/16

* Shame on me – I censored myself, but only for the sake of rhyme.

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 10

The Spiel

i'm talking to myself. by zupan
i’m talking to myself. by zupan

The Spiel

Emotionally spaced out
The distance between you and crazy
is not wide enough to keep hell’s demons
from gnawing at the whole
Your soul
so guarded and locked away
not so safe, you say
losing grounded every day
Just want to look at the sky
take a chance
maybe fly
To do so means you’ll have to try
To do so means you’ll have to cry
You’ve got to rub the demons out
The scars are what it’s all about
Time and distance
for instance

but you say it’s not far enough
and I say what?

So spaced out
Me and I

© LTM 4/4/16

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 4